Heartland Transmission Project, Canada

Wilson joined AltaLink’s Heartland Transmission Project in February 2013, working in conjunction with Rokstad Power for SNC Lavalin, to construct a 500kV transmission line in Alberta, Canada, near Edmonton. Land use was both urban and rural, and the new line construction crossed roads, railroads, pipelines, and an irrigation canal.

Wilson crews worked along the Edmonton East Transportation Utility Corridor (TUC), ending at the new substation Heartland 12S located northeast of Fort Saskatchewan. Crews assembled and erected 74 lattice structures for the double-circuit high voltage transmission line. Wilson crews also performed quality control inspections on 50 previously completed structures in the area.

Upon arrival, Wilson crews were greeted with cold and snowy conditions. Snowmelt caused flooding issues as spring approached and as the weather become warmer, structure locations and access roads became swamped with standing water. Wilson used miles of timber crane mats to build temporary rights-of-way and access roads to regain control of the construction completion schedule. Wilson followed strict environmental guidelines that were specific to the area’s vegetation and animal habitats.