Avista Utilities

Fire Restoration on Salmon River, ID

Wilson was contacted by Avista Utilities to repair 11 H and three-pole structures that had burned down in a very remote area of the Salmon River in Idaho, about 40 miles south of Lewiston. Wilson traversed what some call the most rugged and isolated terrain in the contiguous United States. Navigating carefully through Wapshilla Ridge to gain access to the Lolo-Oxbow right-of-way, Wilson mobilized three crews that came from two other jobsites to do the emergency work. Due to the remote location, Wilson crew members were boated in and out of the job location each morning. The ride took 25 minutes each way.

Wilson's crew planned and operated in great detail, moving equipment through steep and narrow terrain to make repairs and get the damaged structures wrecked out safely. Wilson completed the repairs incident-free in 12 days.