Substation Construction

Wilson provides high-level expertise, quick mobilization and reliable construction services in order to prepare innovative strategies for all phases of switchyard and substation construction. Our team approach provides confidence to clients who need efficient substation design and construction.

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) hired Wilson to build the new Station E Substation to replace the old North City 115/21kV Substation.
Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) brought in Wilson crews to expand the existing six-bay Rancho SECO Switchyard. The project scope included the construction of two additional 230kV bays, which were…
Franklin Substation was a complete turnkey, greenfield 230/69kV substation procure-construct project including 15 acres inside the substation fence. The work associated with the project included the following key technical aspects:


Three Peaks Substation, UT
Wilson began work on this design-and-build 345/138kV substation in the early spring of 2009. The 345kV breaker-and-a-half configuration consisted of two bays that included two 345kV line terminals, one 345/138kV…