Southern California Edison Company

Valley South Subtransmission Project, CA

In December of 2020, Wilson completed construction of 15 miles of 115kV subtransmission line for Southern California Edison Company (SCE). The project, whose design phase began in June of 2018, stretched from Menifee, California to Temecula, California. It represents the first true EPC project completed on SCE property.

The project scope included approximately 9 miles of 12kV & 33kV distribution underbuild along with some complex environmental compliance, property acquisition, design work, and, lastly, construction.

Some of the site-specific project challenges included acquisition of project easements during the construction sequence and a mid-project design change to covered conductor. Crews also encountered the presence of protected wildlife. Fairy shrimp were discovered in the puddles near the active worksite. To keep working on schedule, crews covered with the sensitive habitat with steel plates and umbrellas to minimize the evaporation and disturbance to the fairy shrimp.

Close collaboration with many agencies made the project possible.

Wilson successfully completed the Valley South Subtransmission Project nearly 4 months ahead of schedule and safely.