Southern California Edison Company

166 - Valley - Ivyglen 115kV Project

Wilson was contracted by Southern California Edison Company (SCE) to perform the engineering, environmental compliance, property acquisition, material procurement, and construction of the 166 – Valley – Ivyglen 115kV Project. This project involved the construction of a new 115kV subtransmission line and fiber optic line that were approximately 27 miles in length and comprised of eight segments.

The project scope included the installation of new portions of the existing Fogarty–Ivyglen 115kV line and crossings of the Valley–Elsinore–Fogarty 115kV line. Segment 2 and Segment 8 of the line necessitated underground trenching and conduit work. Access road development and construction were also performed. The project passed through multiple cities which required close coordination with each jurisdictional agency during the planning and construction phases. The environmental challenges posed by this project included flood control and interstate freeway crossings. Wilson also encountered extensive groundwater which required the implementation of a de-watering system over the course of three months to allow for underground work.