Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Station E

Sacramento Municipal Utility District (SMUD) hired Wilson to build the new Station E Substation to replace the old North City 115/21kV Substation.

Wilson crews self-performed the installation of more than 1,300 feet of cast-in-place cable trench, more than 400 drilled pier foundations, thousands of yards of cast-in-place equipment slab-on-grade foundations, thousands of feet of duct bank, grounding, vaults, and a 200-foot retaining wall. Wilson also self-performed all above-grade electrical work. This project was unique in many ways, including the need to re-route four 115kV high pressure fluid filled (HPFF) underground transmission lines to feed the new substation.

Project-specific challenges included the handling and disposal of hazardous waste; the complexity of working on the existing HPFF cable system; and the lengthy cutover process to fully energize Station E. 

The project involved coordination and work by all of Wilson’s departments and was key in meeting SMUD’s important milestones and in-service dates. Wilson completed the project on time and without incident.