Substation Construction

Wilson provides high-level expertise, quick mobilization and reliable construction services in order to prepare innovative strategies for all phases of switchyard and substation construction. Our team approach provides confidence to clients who need efficient substation design and construction.

NV Energy

Robinson Summit Substation, NV
Robinson Summit Substation was a new 525/345kV substation located approximately 18 miles northwest of Ely, Nevada. The ultimate station design included seven 500kV line terminations, five 345kV line terminations, provisions…

Arizona Public Service Company

Pinnacle Peak Substation, AZ
Wilson performed above-grade electrical work for new 500kV and 230kV substations, including all associated wire and equipment. Work included rerouting existing 500kV and 230kV transmission lines in a heavily congested…


Terminal Substation Replacement, UT
Wilson constructed a 345/138kV addition to PacifiCorp's existing terminal substation in Salt Lake City. Wilson removed two undersized 345kV transformers and added new 345kV transformers, breakers, and air break switches,…

Southern California Edison

Colorado River Substation, CA
Wilson built a complete turnkey 75-acre 500/220kV substation in this project that included nearly 34 miles of ground grid. Our scope of work included surface rock, roads, all associated steel…