Southern California Edison

Lugo - Eldorado EMT Retrofit

Crews retrofit 108 EMT-3 Towers and 7 EMT-4 towers on private lands.

Wilson was awarded this retrofit project as part of an infrastructure replacement program.

The project ranged throughout Southern California’s high desert from Antelope Valley to Palm Springs and over to Boulder City, Nevada. The project consisted of retrofitting 115 existing lattice steel structures on private lands that were susceptible to catastrophic failure under extreme winds and loading conditions.

Essentially, the scope of work included doubling the amount of steel at various locations to reinforce the towers and mitigate the risk of failure. A few project challenges included the facts that tower steel could only be removed and replaced when wind conditions were less than 10 miles per hour, and only one piece of steel could be removed and replaced at a time.

Throughout work through the windy desert, Wilson implemented standard-practice BMPs such as spill control and dust mitigation while on the right-of-way.

The Wilson crews were prepared for the challenges and did a tremendous job working safely and efficiently to project completion.