Pacific Gas and Electric Company

Wilson-Oro Loma EPC NERC Project

Our engineer, procure and construct team performed 175 structure replacements necessary to meet North American reliability standards.

The Wilson-Oro Loma 115kV NERC Mitigation Project consisted of structure replacements to correct NERC infractions associated with 21 wood pole 115kV structures on the Wilson-El Nido circuit and 154 wood pole 115kV structures on the El Nido-Oro Loma circuit. The project spanned from Merced, CA to Oro Loma, CA. New structures consisted of both wood and light duty steel poles placed in direct-embedded foundations. additionally, a number of poles crews replaced contained distribution underbuild.

The Wilson project team was able to deliver another quality project while facing multiple project challenges in addition to balancing the heavy demands of supporting storm related work throughout the region.

Project success relied heavily upon the ability for every party involved in the EPC team to plan and execute the scope of work. Additionally, The crews developed a solid working relationship with project owner personnel, which ultimately led to being able to work through specific challenges associated with line clearances, non-tests, unstable subsurface soil conditions and multiple wire repairs needed on the project.