NV Energy

Sinatra 230kV Loop In Underground Project, NV

NV Energy awarded Wilson the Sinatra 230kV Loop-In Project located in Las Vegas, NV. The project consisted of one mile of two double circuit duct banks, eight transmission vaults, 12 each open air and GIS terminations and 36 splices all to be completed under a tight performance schedule. The Sinatra project embodied all of Wilson's underground transmission capabilities in that it combined not only cable installation and civil construction, but also splicing of open air terminations on steel poles and GIS terminations in a substation.

To meet the project completion dates, the 48 cable pulls were performed non-sequentially, typically in sets of six. Among the highlights of the civil work was a 26-foot deep excavation to tie the duct banks into existing bore casings under I-15 and two separate crossings under an 84-inch transmission water line at a depth of 23 feet.