Dominion Energy

Gainesville - Haymarket 230kV Underground Transmission Line

In December 2019, Wilson’s underground division was awarded construction of 3.1 miles of 230kV double circuit duct bank in Virginia by Dominion Energy.

Wilson’s scope of work involved installing civil and electrical infrastructure. Civil work included constructing 18,000 feet of open cut trench, 12 manholes, and four 2,500-foot-long Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) crossings. Electrical work included installing, splicing, and testing approximately 194,000 feet of 230kV XLPE cables, as well as splicing inside manholes and installing racks and other accessories. Once the cable system was complete, Wilson performed the AC Hi-pot and PD testing required for commissioning.

During construction, Wilson faced many challenges, including weather, groundwater, rock, varying geology, and unique environmental conditions.

Major subcontractors were Laney Direction Drilling, Wilson’s HDD subcontractor; Bruce Howard, Wilson’s civil contractor; and Taihan Electric, the cable manufacture that spliced and terminated the XLPE cable.