American Electric Power

Gila-Citgo 138kV Underground Transmission Line

The Gila – Citgo project involved installing two 138kV transmission lines and removing two failing high-pressure oil filled (HPOF) circuits. Wilson’s underground transmission group tackled this engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) project using various specialized skillsets to solve unique challenges.

The two transmission lines originated in the Gila Substation and crossed 2,200-ft. under a shipping canal, before entering the Citgo Refinery. Dual 2,000-ft. horizontal directional drills (HDD) were used to install the transmission lines beneath the canal. Crews installed XLPE 3,500 kcmil copper conductor weighing 29 lbs. per   foot. After completing the cable installation, Wilson removed the HPOF cable systems.

This unique project presented numerous challenges, including special safety considerations, environmental concerns, and the presence of excessive groundwater. In addition, the project had fast-tracked scheduling with a one-year completion period. 

Wilson and our EPC team finished the project on time and on budget.

Shortly after completion, the new lines withstood a near direct hit from Hurricane Harvey and became a lifeline to the city of Corpus Christi as older above ground power lines were decimated by the hurricane.